A Sonnet For Narcissus




The fountains of Narcissus

Lay still in pools at lull

No longer rushing waters

The tides have risen full

Peer into its vacuum

Where deadly ripples form

The circles tell the story

A world of life forlorn

Just one look

You’ll be hooked

But don’t stare too hard

Or too deep inside

An evil killer lurks

Where monsters hide




In the shadows of my ego

The phantom self lay hidden

In the corners I fear to tread

I’d wished that I had ridden

Clings tightly in disdainful glee

Claps enthusiastic ovation

To witness for the world to see

My glorious humiliation

In a vision of rebellion

Internal battles leave their mark

From wars fought through the years

Scars so red and scars so dark

With tears that tell a story

Somehow I’m still alive

To fight the future battles

So narcissus can survive


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