Met A Girl

sad song



Glistening snowflakes fall and melt

Leaving no evidence of their plight

History or memory, truth or tales

But their grandeur survives in my mind

For but a fleeting moment

Until sand castles wash out to sea

Rainbows glories fade

Cotton candy skies dance away

And moonbeams light the way

To a starless day



Memories are tales

Our life and loves

Inscribed in our hearts

Which beats out our songs

We sing to ourselves and weep

We sing to ourselves and smile

Each memory another stanza


I Met A Girl

I met a girl who sang the truth

The way loves tune should be

Her words rang out so beautiful

But she wasn’t singing to me

Met a girl who sang her story

Or maybe it was only one memory

A voice of silk and words of hope

But the tale seemed sad to me


Met a girl who sang soft and blue

With warmth my heart was mended

A bluesy tune that wasn’t sad

Until the music ended

No song is sad

No tale Mournful

No story wistful

Until the song is finished


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