What’s Going On




Guns don’t kill people, mental health issues kill people, most of the time with guns. What’s going On? I won’t go as far as to blame any individuals rhetoric for the cause of a terrorist attack like the one at Planned parenthood but certainly many politicos have created a petrie dish environment growing cultures of hate and anger using rhetoric to get attention. But don’t blame them they need a bump in the polls or an endorsement of votes and we buy into it. We don’t have to. We should demand better from ourselves as well as our politicians but instead we find ourselves entertained by schoolyard bully tactics both in the media (And don’t blame them, it’s you that’s watching. They just give you what you want) and in social media. If you want to incite a spewing of hateful vitriol from your friends or followers it’s quite simple. Pick a hot button issue, express your opinion, and wait. Before long you will have a thread of people either agreeing or thinking up clever ways to call you ignorant without using the actual word or revealing themselves as racist or fake religion mongers.

We are supposed to be an advanced society, it’s about time we start acting like it. Demand responsible conversations with a common goal of finding a solution instead of a bunch of blowhard egotists pointing their fingers at each other. I’m talking about Politian as well as us friends, myself included. There are simply too many guns on the street, not an opinion, a reality. Take out the votes and money and find a compromise that includes allowing responsible gun owners to own guns. Not arsenals, but a responsible compromise. Stop whining that someone’s coming to take your guns away, defend your right to own by showing responsible methods of gun ownership, not everyone should have a gun. We could live with that, and so will a lot of other innocent people. Maybe some mandatory safety classes. We did it for cars, why not for guns? Religion? Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. Go and practice (and I mean practice, not just quote your scriptures to fit your narrative) but don’t try to force your religion on me. Save yourself, not me, allow me to choose my religion. These are the tools we need to find solutions, not point fingers and call each other names.

I get it, I’m an unrealistic dreamer of peace, I still believe that the world can live together in harmony as one not because I’m naïve, but because I’m optimistic. But I’ll tell you this, without us idealists, us romantics and dreamers all you will be left with is a bunch as assholes pointing fingers at each other hurling insults and deciding who is to blame for fucking this world up completely. I’d rather die believing in a world where  peace is possible than live in a world without hope… Live in Peace, Love in peace……Believe!!



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