Les Poetes Ont Ete Reduits Au Silence




A storm so profound it was felt cross the ocean



The prophet stared as the flames burnt his words

The poets ink running dry

A mother stood weary holding teardrops of blue

As the fathers wept to the sky


And the children screamed the name of the king

Who answered dressed as a mime

The laughter dried up and shriveled with age

It seems we have run out of time


An event so profound it challenged the bards

Who cried free of nary a word

The lion of treason roared out to the lambs

A evil growl that all the world heard



Have you heard the news

The president died

As people hung out their clothes

How could that happen

Who shot the king

Shrugging shoulders nobody knows



Turned our ears to the voice of the one who made sense

Of every bit of life’s drama small and immense


But Bobby stayed silent

Nothing more to be told

Fear grows much younger

And the world looks so old


So we turned to our prophet begging a sign

No oracle answered we’ve now crossed a line

What’s gonna happen

What where and when

When like the rising sun

The poet picked up his pen


No longer standing silent the tellers took back their stage

Told us all stand together wash away vengeful rage


With the power of love You write your own story

Fill you heart with belief for hate has no glory

Get back to your life

Don’t yield your power to a coward who preys on your strife





Hear the toll from the cloisters

And the laughter of children

Don’t let the world tremble and crack

Your just one in a million

Sing with the stars

And dance with the moon

The poets and prophets

Are singing your tune

I have words to share

I’m ready to show it

I’ll not let the terrorist

Silence this poet

Live free, love free, and stand tall and proud



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