Follow your dreams…Great advice but ridiculously vague. You shouldn’t just choose your dreams in reckless abandon but peruse them with calculated passion. Otherwise you may wake up one day to realize the most you’ve made of yourself is to become excruciatingly ordinary. Being ordinary cam be a malignant tumor on your creativity preventing you from expressing the most beautiful statement in the world. That you are you!!



Just like everyone else

I’m nothing special

Not even close

My life is boring

My existence morose

I’m so damn ordinary its not worth my breath

I’m so damn ordinary I even bore me to death



Just another mouse in a maze

Just run of the mill

A part of the herd

Aimlessly wandering

Like a flightless bird

I’m so damn typical I’m not worth my breath

I’m so damn typical I’ll bore you death



Just plankton in the ocean

Part of the machine

Another cog in the wheel

Live in my fantasy

Cause I hate what is real

Not a well respected man of the town

I’m so irrelevant I look up to see down


Cause that’s me

I’m ordinary

Just basic stock on the shelf

A humdrum existence

Who’s bored by himself

Pounding down potions

Going through motions

Numbing my brain

To ease the pain

Of being plain

Different day same shit

Endless cycle

In an endless pit

that’s my fate

But wait?!


What if I could change?

My life rearranged

I’m kinda interesting

In an ordinary way


I can dream anyway


I’m an astronaut spy

On a cosmic safari

A suave handsome winner

Who never says “sorry”

Could be a sexual player

Whose oh so enduring

Or in a rock star hotel

While I’m out touring

But I’m not

I’m just boring


But I’m me

















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