Moments In Time



Pick a moment

Any moment

Remember a moment in time

Can you hold it in your arms?

Put it in your pocket?

Or does it just float away

Time climbs a misty mountain

Then disappears into the sun

Linear history moving ever forward

Never to be kept in bondage

Moments come then fly away

On the wings of a butterfly

Reminding us of its beauty

That was here but now gone

Memory dust

Moments in time

A cosmic gift

Or a cosmic curse



A singer sings an unfinished song

Music with words not yet spoken

Dreams not yet dreamed fill up an attic

Until a moment in time is awoken


Overdue due books full of stories unread

Piled on the floor just gathering dust

Outside a playground abandoned of play

Swings dangling on chains full of rust


Moments in time can be sweet and real

Urging saline droplets of joy from an eye

Its no sign of weakness to express what you feel

It takes strength to let them see how you cry


An actors final bow

A dancers final leap

Our very first kiss

Moments to keep

Passed moments can only be held in our hearts

But never to discard

Hold on to those moments

No matter how hard

Cause together our moments make up who we are


Pick a moment

Any moment

Create a moment in time

Make the moment dance

And sing with joy

Before letting it go

On the wings of a memory

The moments are yours

The ones you make today

The smiles or the sighs

Waiting for us to decide

What they shall be


We are the sculptors of our moments in time

Choose how you want them shaped

And get started now



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