Love Is A Drug




Many people believe they want to find themselves, to see who they really are but the truth is most of us are scared to find out who we are. So we cling on to someone else’s life in an attempt to validate our own lives. But often times when we peek through another persons curtain we peer into a mirror of our own souls and it frightens us. Yet we fall in love.

We embrace love then live inside of each others paranoia’s. That’s what creates our awkward moments of tension leading to breaks ups that often require some numbing. We purchase moods and concepts from the store or the street to help us understand . A bottle of memory loss, a fifth of courage, a vial of self confidence, or a shot of give up. But in our search for self medication there is one drug none of us can ever get enough of, the most addictive and hard to shake drug in the world. That drug is love…..



Love is our drug of choice

One bite from the fruit of desire

And We are slaves to sex forever


The gleam of my switchblade

Tenderly slices into her flesh

Anticipation rises

Swelling in my throat

Dry as autumn leaves

A moment of tension

Ecstasy beckons

Awaiting release

Bound by her passion

Chained to her charm

My love coursing toward her

Her gentle touch coursing through my veins

Explodes from my core

Pouring into her body

I pledge my love eternal

Forever to remain as one

Wrapped in silken chains

She grasps my desires

Clings tightly

Absorbed inside each other

We smile

Not because love feels so good

But because no love feels horrible


Time waits not for love

I ache with crushed dreams

Tortured by ghosts of her lovers

She in bed cuddling my humiliation

My heart falls aborted

Dangling in front of me

Tethered to my failure

A dispassionate ending

Leaving me desperate



Another wink, another wiggle

The slightest hint of attention

Brings me back for more

Like a strung out lover

I knock on her cellar window

Begging for more

Because like everyone else

I’m addicted to love

Love is a narcotic

Prescription of ecstasy

And when love walks away

I crave it anew

Love is a drug

I am it’s junkie




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