The Hard Way

hard way


Everything in life is a gamble. The odds vary and the rewards vary and so do the risks. We begin to gamble from our very first breath and we continue to gamble until our last. Money, thrills, careers, love, and life. We gamble because life is a risk and I’ve taken many…….


The Hard Way



Take the long shot

The last toss across

A one roll bet

Curbside knucklebones

Ivory cubes of faith

Don’t make me wait

Give me a sign

Place those dots in line

Seven come eleven

Been so down lately

I’ll take whatever you’re giving

Come what may

This is my life

The hard way


Ante up

The chips are down

Feed the kitty

Deal a round

Maybe a boat

Or the dead mans hand

Take me down Broadway Lord

That’s a real plan

Been hitting too many potholes

My tell is showing clear

Been on the losing side of life

Been getting drunk on beer

Life ain’t so great

Just this one time

A royal inside straight

One last draw Lord

The river for my play

Gimme a raise

The hard way


Pick a pony pacer

Put me on the fast track

Help me play the odds Lord

A rougher or a mud lark

Long shot or quinella

Odds across the board twice

At least the daily double

Triple would be nice

My Life is in a dead heat

On the dark horse trot

Be the one to beat

Let my luck run hot

A strong one in the chute

Really need a winner

Give me a good one today

That’s my dream

That’s my life

The hard way



Play them odds

At the table

Fifty to one will work

Praying for a win streak

Just a tiny perk

Been down so long I can’t see up

I’m slow at the pass line

Doubling down on everything

So tired of always losing

stuck on the rotted end

Load it up to let it ride

All in on one bet

Don’t call my bluff

Lord I swear ain’t lying

Give me just one let

All or nothing

Its on the number

Roulette ball is spinning fast

Losing is a bummer

I need a big one

Or I’m cashing in my token

This time I swear I ain’t joking

Giving it all away

And I’ll take my loss

The hard way


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