Time Chase


We grab on desperately to our caches of memories petrified that if we lose them we have nothing left. Then on day we realize that those memories are merely vapors from echoes we once screamed from the mountaintops. It’s a tragedy when we run out of life before we run out of time…..

Life running out

Time standing still

Once full of wonder

He’s now had his fill

Behind his old sparkle

The light it grows dim

Underneath the smile

Is a world dark and grim

Running out of verve

But not out of time

Harder day by day

To be towing the line

Don’t let them see it

Don’t let them stare

Light up your candle

Hide from the glare

Condition and acceptance

That’s what they expect

When everything’s gone

You’ll still have respect

Give wink and a nod

Say everything’s great

Life will catch up to them too

Time is our fate

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