Shake Hands With The Devil




His light was dark

Yet still my beacon

He led and I followed

Laughing and freaking

Awash in his repugnant fervor

My life preserver

Saving me

Praised by me

He used my primal fears

To console me

Control me

Owned my soul

Imprisoned me unto myself

Chained to my thoughts

I loved him


His hot breath on my skin

Felt like sin

Beautiful and gory

Exulted in glory

I was humbled in his presence

The great pretender

Soul mender

I surrendered

Unto his glory

Blinded by his majesty

Beholden in apathy

Serving him

Observing him

My kiss of death preserving him

Now and forever

I love him


Lord of all darkness

Giving me life


A purpose

A surplus

Of anger and hate

So sweetly irate

I need him

Need to be near him

To enter his gate

The gate of Hell

The putrid smell

His body so wet

Of black vile sweat

Pungent and beautiful shining off his flesh

I love him

Praise him

Shake his hand

Taste his blood

Oozing with vile hatred

Please him

Praise him

Squeeze him

Raise him

He is alive

He has risen

He is the power and the glory

Let me glow in his darkness

Deliver me to him

I love him


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