Neon Rain



Success inside a box of greed

Wall street weed

Cocaine and speed

Not enough… gimme more

A bright downpour

A capital gain

And neon rain

Give me your money

Praise my name

My checkbook commands you

Kneel in vain

Tremble in my presence

More important than god

More powerful than Satan

Praise me and be humble peasants

And don’t complain

For I am rich

In neon rain

So exalt his name

The one he got at birth

Made him what he’s worth

The family jet plane

Flying high above the glow

The flow

And pain

Of the neon rain

Pyrite darkness at his core

Gold running through his veins

Basking in the afterglow

Of his oft ill gotten gains

And neon rains

He took from us

Behold him majestic


So fantastic it’s drastic

But to me he’s plastic

Just a John Doe

Living in a condo

With stain glass windows

And alters of pain

Built from neon rain


Rising above you

Looking so handsome

So tan yet so vain

Basking from the glow

Of grimy neon rain

Monster dressed in silk

Beady rhinestone eyes

Heart of pyrite power

Deals in cheats and lies

Neon rain never falls

Never fails

Money prevails

Inside the Ivory tower

Above the neon shower

Thinks he’s immune to our distain

Lavish him in platinum

Uncork another magnum

Fill the chalice for his palace

With the sweat of our champagne

Behold him with his playthings

Hottest ladies on fine China

Diamond studded vagina

Stroked like a rigid ego

Everywhere that we go

Rich boys will be rich boys

Spreading prepaid toys

Over silk embroidered sheets

Where kink and pleasure meets

In bed with Cinderella

Covered in a gold umbrella

He cannot feel the distain

From the angry neon rain

So praise him

His money train

Or walk away wet

In the neon rain





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