Making A Plan



It happened far too early when

The walls of his playpen fell in

Somber loneliness rushed the gate

Followed him out to the playground

Alone in a crowd of children

Hurt he was

Making a plan

An education met with sneers

Weight of the world in a backpack

Classrooms without principles

Falling victim to ridicule

Alone in the lunchroom

Friendless he was

Making a plan

Meaningless tasks they call a career

A hamster wheel in race full of rats

A medical plan does not make the man

Internal decay what’s a madman to do

Bide some time make some cash

Disillusioned he was

Making a plan

Over the border to where nobody watches

To purchase the power he could never obtain

A lifetime of angst on top of his back

A life of ridicule and rage inside his coat

Concealing his emotions he concealed a gun

Fed up with his life

He had a plan

Remember my name

When you assign the blame

I’m the monster from under your bed

My bullet tranquilizer

Is a great equalizer

Its society sins for which they have bled

My memoir to you

Of what I must do

Shredding lives of families I won’t ever meet

Many people will die

At the blink of an eye

Until you get all the death sticks off of the street



He held his yesterdays tight in his hands

But it always slipped through his fingers

On his journey of self destruction

He took us all along

As was his plan

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