Unfinished Yesyerday




One day early


One day late

Today is the day

Make something happen



Don’t worry about tomorrow

It knows the way

Don’t live in your history

It never stays

Yesterday is gone

Today will be great



Tomorrow is a future someday way back when

Stay inside the now


Before it becomes yesterday

And re-occurs

As it always does

Not gonna fill my closet with regrets

Or store broken dreams hidden in my attic

Don’t wanna end up with a pile of would have beens

And mountains of wish I hads

Too steep to climb

Woulda coulda shoulda

Believe me I have scads

Wandering aimlessly

Procrastinated into complacency

Graciously waiting patiently

For hope to fill the vacancy

Now all the piles are swept away

And all I have left today

Is too many unfinished yesterdays

History is important

But the most important history

Is the history you make today


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