River Of Love



Reveling we glistened

Sensual luminescence

Kissed by the sun

Hedonic happy days

Owned by the sunrise

Romantic evenings

Belonged to the moon

On the River of Love

Fires of devotion

Rose above the bank

Celebrating a love

Blazing eternal

An epoch ago

Owners of the night

We dreamt by day

So many sunsets

Passed over our eyes

Searing our hearts

Combusting our souls

Swimming impassioned

Smoldering erotic across

The Burning River of Love


Two bodies entwined

In ancient ritual

Embracing naked

Waxing euphoric

Aroused by desire

Charred from passion

Rapturously content

Until we stumbled

In the wake of a flood

Joined by our ghosts

From our own shadows

Swept up in the current

Pulled apart

Three times under

Drowning in the River of Love

Separated we travel

Gradient in thought

Split across two rapids

Distant cascading rumblings

Unable to negotiate

An alliance of paradise

Our pact of unity


Forming new rivulets

Searching new ground

Dew drops from our eyes

Glistened in the morning reeds

Pieces of our hearts

Floating our own ways

Down The River of Love


Sometimes that’s just the way the river flows

Love follows the path of least resistance

Though at times it seems hard maneuvering

Rolling and dancing changing downstream

The river it always holds the promise of love

Drink in the river and sing its song of love

Jump in the water and let it take you along

Though its waters sometimes run treacherous

And the river charts the course of its choosing

Its always worth the ride















Apathetic Winds Of Freedom

My Props to the Beat poets who changed our perceptions and ushered in an era of open mindedness

People fighting over flags

Killing for biscuits

that’s nowhere

Why should I care

I know what happens when you resist

Get caught in the wind of hate

Blow away

Not me

I just don’t care

I’m not chasing no windmills

Not for tulips anyway

Not gonna cut off my ear

Just to hear some music

Holding on to my sanity

Don’t need help from no stranger

I’m just gonna ride in the wind

The wind of apathy

For free

Bag your own groceries dude

I don’t work for you

I’m not your rag time man

I’m not taking no stand

I won’t vote for you

Ill be late for the debate

You can be the vice president

Makes you important I don’t care

My bag if full of unclean air

I am I said

Pathetically apathetic

So ill never drive a Lexus

Big deal

Never float on a luxury hotel

So what

Ill walk the mile if need be

In my own damn moccasins

Rather than take biscuit crumbs

From the tables of affluence

I don’t want their spare change

Maybe I’ll just go wind sailing

Riding high in the sky

Riding my apathy

To nowhere in particular

You think you’re free?

You’re a marionette

Don’t get choked by the strings

There ain’t Blue Fairy

No island of pleasure

Freedom is hazardous people

You really have to want it

You can’t keep it in your garage

You can’t hold it for yourself

You have to let it go

Set it free in the winds

The winds of apathy






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