Love Is


A little love ditty(?)

That’s the way love is that’s what she told me
Snuck up on my heart and then she rolled me
Took all I had fled away through the door
So why the hell did I go back for more?

Blood for blood
Hate filled love
Not the life we both dreamed of

Eyes wide open
Eyes shut tight
That’s no way to have a fight

Follow my love I will always remain true
Betraying is something I could never do
But then I saw another and lost all control
I offered my heart but she wanted my soul

Commit a sin
Leave a scar
Instigate an act bizarre

Open a wound
Shut a heart
Entire worlds torn apart

Love has many a hazard hidden
When you eat the fruit forbidden’
Scratch like a cat and purr like a kitten
Watch you back and I’m not kiddin’

Love is mystery magic and thrilling
It can be fiery hot or icy chilling
Dive in head first if you’re willing
May be dangerous but its fulfilling

Share a bed
Share emotion
Promise always deep devotion

Share a laugh
Share a cry
You’ll never know if you don’t try

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