Highjinx At The Hershey Bar / from Cosmo and His Garden Earth


JT Hilltop
Cosmo’s plan had come together like a golden ratio. Now that business was done he could go hang out at The Hershey Bar, get plastered and enjoy some of the new god toys that Tall god spoke of before. The Hershey Bar was by far the most popular god playpen in The District, perhaps even in all the universes. They serve an assortment of mind bending libations as well as the best supply of god toys, or deity escorts as they prefer to be called. Cosmo walked up to the bar, ordered his usual large Meade and sat down. From the corner of his god eye he spied his old friend Simon, whom he had just spoken of to Tall god not an hour ago. Cosmo called out, “Simon old friend, your god ears must have been tingling with brimstone. Why I was just bragging to Tall god of how well your Tolkien Galaxy has turned out.” When Simon stood up he towered over just about everyone. A tad shorter than Tall god but enormously wide. His torso was so big and round that many joked he must have swallowed one of his planets whole. Though none brave enough to say it to his face as he was as foreboding as he was large. His massive thighs stood like oak trees holding up a huge muscular frame. A god who loved to fight and had a reputation for putting out the lights of many a challenger. But as frightening and ornery as he was if you had the opportunity as Cosmo had to really get to know him, he was the best friend you could ever hope for. He had the fierceness of an Orc but the heart of a Hobbit. When he met Cosmo’s gaze Simons huge orange eyes lit up and a giant smile took over his entire face. When I say his smile took over his face I mean it quite literally. His mandibles had developed the ability to dislodge making his mouth abnormally huge even by god standards. It was most likely a mutation made to help accommodate his voracious appetite and deep bellowing belly laugh which he invited into the room for all to hear. “Oh my supreme being if it isn’t Cosmosaurus himself.” Laughing at his own joke Simon immediately filled the bar with his infamous laugh. He could say things about you that might normally erupt in a war if anyone else said it. But Simon did it lovingly with his decibel challenging laugh. All one could do was smile and enjoy some of the excess mirth his body exuded. Cosmo smiled a big smile as well and the two hugged. When Cosmo looked at Simons dislodged mandible smile a thought hit him. Maybe I could use that for my crawly things and let them eat their meals whole. How fucking cool would that be? Cosmo’s thought went on vacation as his body was near crushed under the weight of Simon’s constricting bear hug. “Well supreme being damn it Sime, how the fuck have you been? Haven’t seen you since your hashish experiments. It was so impressive and cool that I took some home to my garden.” Simon was blushing now and he placed his hands on his thick curly long locks of sandy colored hair and threw them into the air. “Ah yes, the laughing root labs. Still going strong all over Tolkien.” He looked to the bartender. “Dean, give my old friend here a large Meade Plus on me.” He then turned to Cosmo. “Pound down that lame drink there and try this new one. Laced with some shit called Opium. I got it from the Ming Dynasty Galaxy. This shit kicks some serious god ass. Speaking of god ass Cosmo, what say you and I indulge in the new toys that arrived last week.” Of course Cosmo was game for anything, so he guzzled his plain Meade and took a sip of his Meade Plus. “Wow Simon, this shit tastes great.” Simon let a quick chuckle sneak out which actually shook the bar. “And less filling ha ha. Just wait until the Ming shit kicks in. You will feel it everywhere if you catch my drift.” Cosmo did indeed catch his drift. The stories of Simons escapades with the god toys as well as lady gods were legend. “Hey Simon, I am getting some intelligence enhancer for earth tomorrow. Tell me, how did you get yours to work so well?” Simon took a large gulp of his Meade Plus, and wiped his huge disjointed grin with the back of his oversized paw of a hand. “Oh shit Cosmo, you are gonna love intelligence but it does take a little work. I remember the first species I gave it to I called Repojacks. I just used a dab to experiment with and they learned language almost immediately. But I made the mistake of trying to guide them telling them what they should and shouldn’t do. One day the leader of the Repojacks comes up to me and starts to bitch up a weather pattern. He says to me, ‘We can’t seem to do nothing right for you. Simon says do this, Simon says do this we do this, Simon says do that, Simon says do that we do that, but the one time we do that without Simon saying you make us start all over again. It’s like a fucking game or something. Then they tells me they decided to quit my Simon sez do this game and play their own game of tag and I would never be it. Well I was having none of that shit so I made one I called Midas turn whomever he tagged into gold ice.” Out came the famous belly laugh as Simon was obviously quite amused with himself. In between choking laughs Simon explained how the “Mother Fuckers” inadvertently discovered freeze tag. After about six and a half minutes of uncontrollable laughing the two old friends took deep breaths and deep sips of Meade Plus. “My point being Cosmo, as tempting as it is I think it is better to not have our creations worship us. It only leads to revolts. I almost got caught by the Board on that one. But, it IS your garden, so you choose how you grow it. Make sure you give it to an appropriate species and keep both your eyes on them at all times. Just have fun and by all means do not rush things.” This being the second time today he heard that Cosmo made a note to himself to heed the advice. He listened but he had already made most of his plans. “Thank you olf friend, I will take your suggestions under advisement. But right now it’s time we enjoy this evening.”
The Meade Plus was doing its job well. Cosmo was feeling as happy as when he had mushroom juice. IT not only made him happy but he was also feeling unusually strong, especially in his god loin region. He had a sensation that all of his muscles had gotten bigger, but especially that pleasure muscle that hangs between his legs. Time now to experience the attributes of some new god toys.
God toys were sexual god pleasers that are specifically bred to help satisfy a gods somewhat insatiable sexual needs. For the Goddesses they had goddess toys as no god could fully satisfy a Lady Lords insatiable appetite. Like everything else both gods and goddesses have a strong and fervent desire for sex and a seemingly unending performance ability. Unlike non-gods, they can not only last as much as 8 hours straight, they can enjoy as many as 12 partners in a row, or even at the same time. Their sexual prowess goes beyond anything any intelligent species could ever even imagine let alone perform. So new “god toys” were indeed a special treat and this new batch was no exception.
No sooner did Cosmo and Simon get into the playroom when already the zippers of their trousers came down. As one would expect the extremely large Simon was well endowed in the god penile regions. A slightly too audible gasp was heard by the first god toy that touched his play tool. “Oh my Sweet Leda” Even Cosmo couldn’t help but look over to see the enormous appendage which was so huge he blushed. “Oh Great Creator that thing is too big Simon, you may kill someone. You’ll break the new toys as surely as I stand here in my envy.” But Simon paid him no mind and had already taken three toys off to ravage and enjoy. He carried one over each shoulder while the third clung with her legs tightly bound to his oak tree thigh while holding on to the joy handle with both hands. Simon disappeared into a private room and it instantaneously filled with screams, squeals, and a chorus of “Holy Shit that thing is enormous”. Cosmo had only one single god toy caressing his much less imposing yet still impressive love muscle. The god toy looked up and was instantly and happily struck by Cosmo’s good looks. He has an angular well defined face with a nose that seemed to be chiseled in place perfectly. His long dark black hair rolled over his broad shoulders in layered waves. Unlike Simon there was not a single ounce of excess body fat on his well defined muscular body. His chest puffed out proudly on its own which had the perfect amount of hair on it. His arms were like argon filled balloons. He had a smile that was every bit as engaging as Simons without a trace of the gregariousness. The god toy spoke to him. “My Sweet Leda you are a handsome god. You are by far the best looking and easiest to look at god I’ve ever seen. I can tell I am truly going to enjoy this assignment.” Cosmo flashed her a smile so alluring she made a soft purring sound. The second he looked at her fuscia pink eyes he knew he wanted her to be exclusive. She had tight blue and green corkscrew curls that formed bangs above the sexy eyes and her head was framed perfectly with platinum hair in the shape of a crescent. The tips that disappeared under her chin were ebony black. A sight to behold. Of course her body was bred so close to perfection it didn’t seem fair to other females. Long muscular legs with perfectly proportioned hips. He pulled her hand away from his crotch and scooped her up in his strong arms. “Then lets get a private room and begin enjoying each other.” The god toy smiled as it was the first and quite possibly last time a god would treat her so tenderly. “Have you a name young maiden? Mine is Cosmo, but I prefer to be called Coz.” God toy looked up and said “They call me Ginger, but my real Name is Mary Anne.” Cosmo smiled another winner, “Ah that’s great, I think I like Mary Anne more than Ginger. I shall refer to you as Mary Anne and request you for the entire night.” Mary Anne blushed at the thought of being an exclusive. “Are you sure you don’t want a few others Mr. Coz?” Cosmo stared at her with eyes so filled with lust and passion it would have melted the butter clear through the refrigerator door. “First of all Mary Anne, Mr. Coz is my dad, I’m just Coz, and second, I prefer to concentrate all my enjoyment on the most beautiful maid and you are by far the hottest babe in The District. And thats not the Meade Plus talking.” While he was talking Cosmo, I mean Coz, unbuttoned her blouse. He reached inside and cupped her smooth and delicate lady lumps paying extra attention to the nipples. Gently twisting his fingers as he inched his lips towards hers at a teasingly slow rate. Her breathing was deep and heavy and her eyes burned with desire. When he clamped his warm lips over her soft full lips their tongues exploded in a furious search and rescue. Wrapped around each other the tongues danced and twisted to a passionate Cajun rhythm. She arche0d her hips and Cosmo pressed his groin into hers. He could feel her loin shudder beneath her skirt and was well aware of how his touch had rendered her helpless. A shit storm of physical pleasure was about to explode between her legs and Mary Anne was quite willing to set the charge. Her hips swayed rhythmically anticipating the take off of Cosmo’s missile into her love canal. T minus ten, nine, eight, and within seconds the rockets red glare disappeared deep inside Mary Anne orbiting her pleasure zone at warp speed. Her sexy lips were adorned in bright red and green gloss and they parted slightly to allow a sensual hum sneak out and hang in the air like giant sex cloud. Her large pink saucer eyes now focused on Coz with intent directed at satisfying him like no one before. Which she did.
During their nine hours of exclusive bliss no less than eight god toys had gone in and out, pun intended, of Simons room without a single one lasting more than two hours before being replaced. The squeals were non stop and Simon cold be heard roaring with delight on several occasions. By contrast, Coz had only one visitor, the very lovely Mary Anne the entire time but the squeals and roars were every bit as ferocious and ten times as passionate and meaningful. The noticeable difference was that Coz’s roars and Mary Anne’s screams had an added tenderness and order to them. When Cosmo had finally exhausted his final lust thrust every ounce of Mary Anne was filled with love liquid. Coz was exhausted yet overflowing with pleasure and the room was filled of the smells of nine straight hours of love making. Mary was full as well having just been injected with a massive amount of god seamen. So much had Cosmo come inside Mary Anne that every time she sneezed a handful of microscopic god sperm snuck out into the night for a moonlight walk. Conceiving child is somewhat of an occupational hazard for god toys. It isn’t common but it does happen, and like most gods Cosmo refused to use a hefty bag. The thought of pregnancy crossed his mind but by the time it got to the other side it was forgotten. Pregnancy wasn’t able to cross Mary Anne’s mind, at least not for the moment. The nine hours was normal for Cosmo but it had taken quite a toll on Mary Anne. Physically exhausted, her curly platinum blond and patchy colored hair was tussled and matted and sat like a storm struck eagles nest above her head. The tight blue and green curls all but gave up curling and lay as limp as Mary Anne herself. She stared up at the ceiling as if still stunned by an amazing dream. The smile on her face would make Simons best smile hang its head in defeat. Her smile was immobile, sitting on her face on its own accord because Mary lacked the energy. Even as Cosmo got up to leave and thanked her the happy glossed over orbs remained fixed on the ceiling. Unable to move, the smile unwilling to leave, she laid there in bed as Coz kissed her gently on the forehead and told her he would never forget her. It’s quite possible she nodded or shuddered a thank you, but if she did it was imperceptible to the naked eye. Or the naked anything else for that matter. Cosmo wrapped on Simons door and yelled out “Good bye old friend, until next time.” Perhaps it went unheard, or perhaps Simon was in a position that prohibited response, but the squeals continued albeit with less than half the enthusiasm shown earlier. It was time to get some sleep before he picks up his intelligence seeds the next morn. There was much to be done. As Cosmo left the room he heard a barely perceptible moan that sounded like “mmmmm so fucking good, so fucking good, thank you Cosmo, thank god. mmmm” There was something else in the air too, something Cosmo did not recognize. It was the very strong sensation that someone else was in the room. But it couldn’t be. Or could it?

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