Existential Freefall


What’s my purpose
Why am I here
Am I merely an echo
Yesterdays thoughts
Traveling blindly
In a circular canyon
Living each day
Like every other
Of a cul de sac life
Is that all there is

Where am I
Am I here or there
Is anybody anywhere
Is today tomorrows yesterday
Or has yesterday just gone away
Is it all just one long trick
One long tricky delusion
A stubborn illusion
An intrusion
A fusion of mentality
To confirm someone’s reality
Of someone else’s life

Am I here and now
Then and there
At a distance
Near or far
High or low
Offering resistance
Expand my mind
Timothy Leary
Expand my world
M string theory
Dare I mention the tenth dimension
Quantify the quantum
Particles of confusion in collusion

Analog or digital
Reality or fictional
Ritalin will fix it all
Add alcohol and hit the wall
Fastest way to end it all
Who is what
Where is when
Will this story never end
The final page
The last word read
Close my book
I’m at the end

Here’s my confession
Life is merely a question
But death is an obsession
An impression of me calling
Into crisis
Is life really priceless
What happens when there’s no more passion
When the flames die down
Nothing left to burn
The fire goes out
Ashes strewn about
All that remains now
Is the final curtain
The sun and moon take a bow
We gather in the tree’s
Free fall in the breeze
Scenes fade to black
Wind rolls the final credits
Stamped with date and time
Here and now

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