What’s Happened To Time? (Inspired by The Wedding Of Riversong)


The clock it never even ticks anymore
Something bad has happened to time
Just what exactly do I mean by that
Does time belong to you or is time mine

Please explain to me in terms more clear
If its gone has someone committed a crime
Cause no one seems to have enough anymore
What in the Hell has happened to time

Killing time had a thrilling time
Time to make a change
On time in time
Times been re-arranged
What if I’m behind time
Where can I find time
Can’t even define time
A time for us
Someday there’ll be a time for us
Our time has come
Time has come today
One time sometime any time will do
Right here right now I think your time is through
Time heals time steals time a for all good men
Make time take time its time to start again
Been here and gone
But time goes on
Time is on my side
Have no time to bide
No time -go time -hurry up its show time
Your time my time I think its about high time
To give the time of day
Time is slipping away
Time has come today
It’s the right time to stitch time and save nine so sublime
Its about time
The right time
Is nighttime
But what is the time?

Does anybody really no what time it is?
Does anybody care?
Time’s up
We out

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