Ole Man River

old man

The riverbank so old and wise
Weaving tales of travelers passed
Telling tales of lover and raft
Afloat on dreamy myths amassed

Good and evil through its currents
Hot as Hell or as cold as ice
Even the waters sneak up to hear
The mud filled banks advice

Sparkling off tips of river grass
Hidden amongst the wilted reeds
The secrets of your life revealed
At the mouth where the river feeds

Old man river
Does no wrong
Old man river
Sing his song

Water rapid
Truths revealed
Old man river
Fates unsealed

Rising off beads of morning dew
To the aroma of petrichor
Dance across it’s ballroom reeds
Beg the river tell you more

Old man river with wisdom full
Listen close or pass on through
The secrets that the river keeps
May not be meant for you

But either way the years acquired
Generations of life in fraternity
The stories Old Man River tells
Will entertain for eternity

Old man river
Waves of wisdom
Whitecap waters
Profound vision

Tales of glory
tales of woe’s
Old Man river
Always flows

Old man River
Wise and true
Stop to listen
As you pass through

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