The Shine


Something strange is going on
This place smells like old burnt toast
History breathes inside the walls
That hotel has some strange ass ghosts
Head chef Dickie laid down the scat
Sending shivers across Danny’s spine
I know you feel it so now you own it
Son you got the shine

Take your seat at the bar unreal
That glass of scotch is your last meal
It’s the shine knows how you feel
Crazy old man gonna make you squeal

Take a look what hangs on the wall
Find your portrait inside the illusion
Nothing good can come out of a storm
Snowbound family in mountain seclusion
Tony spoke from the tooth of the boy
Soon He’ll be chanting murder in reverse
Don’t stay too long at Overlook Hotel
Everyone knows that place is cursed

There’s a picture hanging in the bar
Each one of them may be dead
Danny don’t go in that room
The rug is bleeding crimson red

Redrum in the hallway
The twins are doing fine
Ride the big wheel to their room
Son you got the shine

Jack Jack hammer straight to their hearts
Folding their lives like death Origami
A gleaming knife through a broken door
A frightening shout from a hole…“Here’s Johnny”

Wendy Wendy time to run
His eyes are full with craze
Grab your boy and flee outside
Hide him in the maze

Quiet son don’t let him hear
Hush now boy he’s getting near
Takes your love but gives you fear
making all your life unclear

Mother and son have crossed the line
I got yours and you got mine
Quiet Wendy there’s no time for cryin
Your son has got the shine

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