The Devine Ride


Every end has a start
Every beat has a heart
Every ghost has a past
Every first has a last
Every tale has a middle
Every answer a riddle
Every wound has to mend
Everything dies in the end

His search saw him travel across the great sea
Flaming oars in his eyes as he rowed to meet me
Wherever shall we venture I wondered inside
He said come on board so I went for the ride

So stealth was his smirk I mistook it a grin
In voice quite unpleasant he begged me come in
I’ve waited many an hour to take you abroad
Tears in my ears as nefarious laughter he roared

Battered and bruised my ghost took a deep breath
I objected to the rowing if it was meant for my death
But we entered the river where no sailor dare tread
I sensed from the beginning the boatman was dead

Every end has a beginning
Every savior’s done sinning
Every ghost has its story
Every angel seeks glory
Every tale has a reason
Every faith suffers treason
Every rule has to bend
Everything dies in the end

My destination arrived it came upon time to depart
The redeemer on shore still laughing pulling a cart
The hearse rolled so easy full of clay, flesh, and bone
I rowed up to the rivers bank where I got off alone

The redeemer then pointed motioning my path
I was sure it was leading to flames of his wrath
I asked can’t I stay to take just one more ride
He answered my query spraying formaldehyde

This time he just pointed to the number six six six
That’s when I knew I’d rowed across river Styx
Abandon all hope ye who enter with breath
Closed my eyes to spiraling nine rings of death

Every last has a first
Every quenching has thirst
Every ride a destination
Every grunt has frustration
Every life leaves its mark
Every fire looses its spark
Everyone has a hand they can lend
But still everything dies in the end

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