Soaked in the blood of an entire globe
The history of humans part one
It wasn’t written with pen and paper
Our history was written by gun

Let us not forget
The acrid stench of charred flesh from smoldering humans
Grilled across burning coals of hatred and terror
A million pieces of jigsaw humans abandoned
Discarded like rubbish
Stored in piles of impurity in huge ditches of shame
Bones of the walking dead dripping with sagged flesh
Numbers and bad memories burnt profound on their body
Experiments stretching the boundaries of decency
Hooked cross stigmata a symbol of human hatred to the Third
Is it even possible to harbor that much loathing of life?
Genocide of a Jewish nation
“If you want to shine like the sun first you must burn like it” A. Hitler
At what cost a holocaust
Remember life?

Lest us not forget
Winchester Manifest taming the natives with murder
A small pox upon thee in thy blanket of death
Soaring arrow overcome by flying bullets
Wiping out a culture to lay claim to their land
Removing their bison their village and traditions
Erasing their will through the barrel of a death stick
Does not the earth belong to all?
Another con quest in the name of the holy
Created equal but not treated equal
Lives bought and sold at a bargain of flesh
Humanity for barter in the village square
Chained and inspected then ripped from the family
Without a turn of the other cheek
Remember when
Fibers of ignorance hung with misunderstanding from weeping trees
Hoods of cotton bearing whips that cried out in sadistic tenure
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” G.Santayana
First the braves then the slaves
The Greening of America
Remember life?

Who could forget
Bombing for peace the landscapes of a world divided
Japan clouded in mushroom from spores of disgraceful power
To shock and awe
We had I we had II here comes III
Fossilized remains of the behemoth avenged
Through a thousand years of killing and drilling for blood
Victories measured in the tally of the dead
Soldiers tossed aside in a graveyard of artificial limbs
The Mother Of All Destruction at the push of a button
In the name of glory
Third world government LLC, DBA Democracy Incorporated

Remember pride?
Remember honor?
Trust, Integrity, Equality?
Remember life?
Remember love?
Remember poetry?

Remember when poets cared
No one was scared
Bells of Freedom rang
Songs of love we sang
Sisters and brothers
Respect for our mothers
Children with flowers
Took on superpowers
Those days of peace
When hatred had ceased
Were over too soon
Like a helium balloon
Disappeared out of sight
Destroyed by the might
Of those who didn’t trust us
The hammer of justice
Came down on our rights
Created more fights
Swept our dead underground
Laughed at the sound
The sound of our mourning

No reconstruction
Only obstruction
Mass production
And impending destruction
To each and every member
……If we don’t Remember

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