Deep inside the solar veil lay hidden
Silhouetted keeper of thoughts unsealed
Concealed inside shrouded trepidations
Reside the secrets of the self revealed

Shadows attached inquiring intently
Perhaps not seen yet always there
With esoteric thoughts left unspoken
The shadow listens close already aware

Enlightenment an icy cloud of darkness
Cold dark truths become a glacier formed
Revealing the cryptic internal patterns
The impression that the shadow formed

Standing behind me just to remind me none can confine none can define me
No matter where it’ll always be there free of despair to boldly declare
That it will help guide me standing beside me ready to provide me ready to hide me
Show me the way each and every day whether hidden in shade or proudly displayed

The shadow eclipsed in cosmic awe
Provides the sanctuary of our disposition
Generative force exposed in the light
Casts off an image of our self apparition

Eternal effigy that shines dark in the sun
Shaded delineation aware of our weakness
Alongside us all since the dawning of life
Our shadows know all of our secrets

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