After The Shock Wears Off

Lost and Confused Signpost

Jackhammer pounding into the heart
Shredding the soul in jigsaw fragments
Mutilated concentrations litter the highway
Strewn about like academic road kill leaving


Mind running away in anarchistic bliss
Ignorance swirls in a freefall strangulation
Flames of repercussions burn in a panic
A concussion reverberates my disillusions

After the shock wears off everything is altered
No more crutches to guide in my choices
Absoluteness crushed under weight of survival
Allowing tangibility to rise brightly one more day

Go away reality away from my door
I can’t taste your laughter no more
No colors abound in a rainbow of tears
Just billowing smoke in a haze of my fears
I have no more faith in accusation
I have no more cunning concentration
Lucid worlds just cannot exist
Confusion erupts in a tornado kiss
Obscurity screaming far too loud
Life is a thicket of an ominous cloud
Total perplexity of my situation
Leads me blind wqith disorientation
Truth and lies are in collusion
My confusion becomes illusion
In summation my contemplation
Results in crippling aggravation
Nervous laugh and curious cough
Numbness rules when shock wears off

Enlightenment is perversely overrated
Truth is an alarmingly silent agent
Life is a teeming bubble of fabrications
Is it only death which grants us serenity

Visions unclear through violet droplets of sorrow
Pain courses through conclusions obtained
Red fades to pink until pink fades ashen white
Despite denial we perform righteous final acts

Choices we make define where we will tread
Taking us to wherever we choose to get off
Brining us home because its where we belong
After the shock has worn off

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