Met A Man


Met a man without his legs
Guess he hadn’t heard the news
Cause he stood up in front of me
Walked a mile in my shoes
When he got to where he was
He said friend listen to me
It isn’t just the legs you walk on
Take you where you need to be

Met a man without his eyes
Felt his way around the night
Did the same in the light of the day
No difference when you have no sight
Some are blind yet they have eyes
Still they never have the vision
To see the truths for what they are
To make their own decision

Met a man who had no hands
Yet he held me in his esteem
If you need a helping hand
You’ll want him on your team
Its not hands to lift you up
But ones self determination
Then he gave me a double five
Lifted me to my destination

Met a man without his tongue
Used sign language to converse
Said people with too much to say
Seem to always make things worse
Its more the content of the thought
Words are just echoes of your choice
Even thoughts when left unuttered
Can still be strong of voice

Met a man who had no arms
He hugged me with my fears
Told me its not arms my I need
To embrace the right ideas
We all need something to believe
An embracement of strong assurance
It isn’t muscles that measure strength
It’s the integrity of our endurance

Met a man who had no ears
Yet he knew exactly what I meant
Nodded yes in affirmation
Because the message had been sent
He said he knew just how I felt
Because emotions aren’t spoken
He promised he would listen close
A vow he’s never broken

I was bumping into trouble because my life seemed dark as night
I met a man with no hands or eyes who held me up to see the light
Never sure of where I should go or how to cross the many miles
I met a man with no arms or legs taught me to travel on my smiles
So many people with so many tales of people reaching their goal
Listened to every story I heard until I met a man without his soul
Could have been a demon or maybe it was the devil in disguise
But I don’t need to look at him because I can see without my eyes

About that man who had no eyes
His vision brightened up my day
Leave to the sightless few
To teach us how to see the way

About the man who had no legs
Never once led me astray
Leave to the challenged few
To help us find the way


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