Counting Stars


In Search Of Stars
With a mind as clear as a cloudless sky
I peeked at the glow of my horizon
Upon my sunrise I viewed abundance and joy
My sunset filled with precipitations of tears
Grief measured in saline rivulets of unfolding dreams
Obscurity poised hungry in anticipation of emergence
Before the darkness eclipsed dusk in its frenzy I began to count the stars
But how can I see the stars in the sunshine
Dare I stumble about without sight but so I can see
Without the Cimmerian shade I could never have seen sparkle
Without the luminosity of life everything seems dark
Without the darkness of life stars have no contrast
You just can’t count the stars in the daytime
Searching for God’s assistance I ingested heavens mushroom

Swinging On A Star
The spores transcended the thin line of reality
Through squinted eyes I glimpsed one ray of light swinging
I swung on the star to carry a moonbeam home in a jar
Across the vast spatial palace of spiraling nightmares
The moonbeam a cobweb of colors in a circle of currents
All seeing million eyed Cyclops pointing the way
Clouds of confusion cascaded down once pristine thoughts
Settled in with laughter uncontrollable
Once cloudless sky now cluttered with haze
Am I better of than I was

Total Eclipse Of The Star
Before the shroud of darkness encompassed the sun
Ere the sun glared angry in my direction
Enlightenment closed its eyes and bid us good night
I inquired how can I see if you turn off your light
Have I not earned my direction home
Finding my way proved littered of obstacle
Alone and naked behind the shadows cast off by lunar lunacy
I wept
Midnight smiled in recognition of my agony
Laying credence to the ambiguity of my reservations she spoke
The answer you seek shall come out of soot filled inquests
To see the light you must first brave the dark
Amused with hopes promise I ran through the unlit sky
Daytime offered her shadows to cover me
A blanket of sobriety to assuage my fears
I have braved the dark and now see the light, alas what next shall I do
To which the expanse of nebulous evening coyly replied
“Count the stars”

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