Silver Plated Protester

Poor little rich girl … Tamara Ecclestone

The poor little rich girl
Fashionista dressed in rags
Sewing on K-Mart labels
Over Gucci couture tags

Silver plated sipping spoon
Plate of 24 counterfeit gold
Visits to the plastic doctor
To keep from growing old

She’s a silver plated protester
Paid from Daddies dividend
A search for pyrite reality
In a world of lets pretend

Stands in union arm in arm
Screaming rights and wrongs
Chanting predetermined words
Overheard in protest songs

Rides on a limo bandwagon
To the issues of the day
Protesting all inequalities
So you think she knows the way

But when reality gathers round
Everybody’s heard her cheers
She flies back home to the mansion
Dining with her diamond peers

She’s a silver plated protester
Stays at home whenever it rains
Even though she could feed the poor
Using the family capital gains

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