Tomb Of Paradise


Acrid stench of homicide wafting
Through the blurred hazy smoke of death
Bitter taste of someone’s final conflict
Roaring out putrid fetor like Satan’s breath
Another blood dripping body coughed up
From under the earth in some ritual sacrifice
Filling up all of the grisly vacancies of death
In the tomb of my own paradise

Tentacles of chaos are choking my brain
Stinging its poison into furrows of my cortex
Losing control my once alive body collapses
Thoughts spinning wild in a dizzying vortex
In the end I really hope death is its own reward
But I’m afraid its more a roll of the dice
One of the lucky ones escaping the pain
In the tomb of my own paradise

The final journey in reaching up to the sky
To find the eloquence in dying in vain
If I fail to perish on the day of my reckon
Plenty of time left to keep trying again
Join in the masses of Grateful and dead
If someone could help me cover the price
I’ll do what it takes to walk through the entrance
To the tomb of my own paradise

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