No one really knows my chameleon
Am I reelin’ or how I’m really feeling
What I am inside
The me I tend to hide
The me misunderstood
Beneath the darkened hood
Behind the mask I wear
What will my future bear
I wonder
If they lift the mask what’s under

How will I be defined
Once all is left behind
Will the foggy reflections from my mirror make it appear any clearer
How they will remember
Worthless dreg of society or just another member
Will the sound of all their claps
Be in mockery of all my mishaps
Will they say
He was on the dishonor role
He was such a big asshole
Is that what will remain of my name
Ego held in vain
Then again
Maybe at least he tried they’ll say
We really miss him anyway
But truth is he was just a failure
Junkie drug inhaler locked up by society’s jailor
Living fast
Trash without cash

Holding on to an apron string
Never amounted to a thing
Never saved the world like he promised
Never left anyone astonished
Or left his mark
He could have made a journey but he was too lazy to embark
Or maybe they will be more kind
Say he had a genius mind
Dude was somewhat quirky
Sometimes acted kinda jerky
And when it came to being loud he often seemed introverted
But the dude was innovative
Wish I was that creative
Thought outside the box
Played with oddly shapened blocks
Danced to the beat of his own drum
Even though others thought him dumb
Kept on dancing just the same
He wasn’t insane or lame
Respect compassion and love
That’s what he was made of
Maybe he wasn’t perfect but at least he always tried
So beautiful inside
Always had a hand to lend
Tell you one thing that’s for sure I’m proud he was my friend

So in their retrospect:

Will I rise to the top
Or will I be a flop
Failure misunderstood
One who never could
Am I what I was before
What am I remembered for
A shameful disgrace
Forever running in place
Looking up to see down
The life of a clown
Smiling upside down
How will I be remembered
Doesn’t matter why
I was really just a quiet guy
Though I had a lot to say
I didn’t speak it anyway
So what will my legacy say
Not much I’m sure
Some parts bad some parts good
One thing is for sure though
I know it’ll be misunderstood

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