The bedroom air darkened
Thick with vows of tender love
Young romance in anticipation
Awaiting the moment of two truths
Her truth smiled nervous in my direction
My truth ready to face the ritual of manhood
But it lay in wait shivering like a boy
Excitement and unease looming anxious
Two truths will be discovered on this extraordinary night
The truth of our innocence carted away and buried
Buried deep inside the ardor of this sacred chamber of rapture
Innocence sacrificed in the name of love
In an act of intimacy cherished by two hearts for eternity
Brining us bliss inexpressible yet absolute
The second truth will be the depth our love
Our true and pure love
Which would be brought into conjugal union tonight
This first time
Our first time

My hand trembled from fears of ineptitude
In the call of duty for the passage to manhood
We both tremble slight our experience absent and obvious
Yet willing to conquer the feat with passionate precision
Sheepishly our eyes met in a lasting embrace
Yearning to exchange the fluids of desire
Eternal promises hovered about our tongues
Fragile lips searching for sensual euphoria
Gently our lips touch to savor the taste of our devotions
Brushing light upon each other for an endless second
The endless rapturous second of a lifetime
My ears burned spreading red across my face
Bodies hot with the hunger of passion poised to enter in frenzy
Sheets cheered us on in erotic anticipation
Mattress eager for our arrival

Our mouths opened not needing to speak
Hungrily our tongues battled for pleasure dominion
Two heads exploded in ecstatic fervor
Two bodies struggling to be one
Moaning and breathing too fast and too hard
Applauding each other in delirious ovation
My lifeline solid thick from anticipation
A bit too noticeably I feared
It throbbed with desperation as it caressed her thigh
Softly her chuckle cried out confused for a second
Until grinding undulation cleared my intent
Our hips oscillated exuding enthusiasm unmatched
Loins pleading seductively into an evening of hope
Pulsating signals of soft communication
Avid allegiance of communion
This first time

Clothing departed no longer needed
The light of moon glistened off her silken skin
Our naked bodies stretched for the bed
Her gossamer treasure damp with dew of love
Her desire plying her thighs gently apart
Inviting me inside
Caressing her breast we erased the world
Smiles spread across our lust hungry faces
Lubricious moistness accommodating our union
I entered into her partnership exhilarated beyond description
The perfume of coital paradise encompassed our souls
Our Kismet of rapture
A destiny of fervor

Hungrily our bodies clenched sprawling the bed
Warm approval she moaned wet in my ear
Sending shivers electric to every region of my flesh
I promised my affection to be hers forever
Entering and exiting I panted devotion eternal
We rode on the moonbeam to paradise
Hand in hand across Wonderland
Pleased in our rapture so pure
Fruition of love
This first time

We hoped to capture this moment immortal
Yet both driven to the point of release
Softly singing a ballad of love
A salacious duet in search of climax
A zillion volts of energy stirred from my groin
The moment of truth was arriving too swiftly
Lessons of reality giving pause
Awkward nervousness returned as held back
Panting and pleading she begged me back in
But a dangerous outburst lay waiting
I opened a foil packet of cautionary tale
Clumsily rolled the lambskin shield over the eager sword
Then re-entered the gate to the Garden of her Eden
Forbidden fruit plunged deep inside the caverns of love
Excitement unmatched
True love understood
For the first time
This first time

Not ready to take satisfaction
Not wanting to risk losing this moment of glory
This feeling that should never end
We tangoed a slower sexier rhythm
Rocking and yearning with carnal thirst
The vice of love clamped tight our bodies
I inhaled the scent of each pore of her being
Entwined in wonton desires
Pulsing and throbbing into the night
I emptied my essence in thunderous exultation
Unity became an emotion unbridled and free
Screams of pure elation and exhilaration abounding
Sounds and words that could be mistaken for murder
Had deep devotion and love not spoken them so loud
Orgasmic explosions spiraled from within both of our bodies
The zillion volts coursed from deep inside me
And exploded in intense gratification encased in the walls of her labia
Throbbing inside the girl I love
This first love
This true love
This first time

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