Word Up


Words will never hurt you
Words will not desert you
Until they do
Words are harmless when they’re alone
Some crucify and some condone
Its what they do

Words never hear the cries
They wait as voices rise
And then surprise!
They form a bond of lies
Make up alibi’s
And lies

But still they’re only words
Not sticks or stones
Not breaking bones
Verbal moans
But words can hurt

What’s in a word
May I have a word with you
Give me your word
You have my word
What’s the word Hummingbird?
Word to your Mom
Have you heard the word

Hate is a word
Love is a word
Words only hurt when they’re turned into concepts
Or lies
So don’t blame the words
Blame the intent behind them because words by themselves may be harmless
And be careful what you blurt
Mean words can hurt

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