For Your Amusement


(To A Special Man)
He was my brother not of blood but of heart
I never realized he was battered and broken
But inside his head a stranger was lurking
The only man who could hear the words unspoken

Just words on some paper was all that he left me
Finding him with his demons was truly not fun
I loved that man who left me paper and blood
Words from the barrel of a dying man’s gun

For Your Amusement

I fail
that’s what I do
Its what I’m real good at
So I do it a lot
I fail to hear laughter
I fail to see smiles
I fail for your amusement
Across thousands of miles
I failed as a father
I failed as a son
I failed as a husband
Just failed everyone
I failed as a man
Its what I do best
I failed every challenge
And failed every test
Its my biggest talent
Failing on queue
If you want some amusement
I’ll fail just for you
I can fail at most anything
So give me a call
I may fail to pick up
But I won’t fail to fall
I’ll fail at your party
Right on your command
Fail under pressure
Fail on demand
If you want to see a man take his last breath
Ill make it happen by failing to death
For your amusement

Rock In Peace gentle brother, save me a seat

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