Hello Paranoia

silent scream

Hello Paranoia I see you’re back
I can feel you inside me
Trying to deride me
You want to get right next to me but I won’t let you beside me
Why are you here?
I asked you to leave and not come back
Did you even hear?
But you’re back
With a pick axe to my brain
Chipping away till I’m insane
I kicked you out but now you’ve come back
Inflicting constant pain
Cranial confusion
Brain tumor illusion causing massive thought diffusion
And as unusual
You left me damaged
Mentally challenged
I’m in fragments, out of balance my mind is getting stagnant
Its madness
I must be crazy
Everything looks so hazy
Like my brain is being shot to shreds in a film by old Scorsese
Shattered into fragments like a puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle
I finally got the pieces back
Had my life back on track
I filled my world with confidence and in one second WHACK!
You’re back
Cheesy sneak attack
But this time I know what to do
This time I’ll see it through
Not gonna run , not gonna flee
Not gonna fall to me knee in a plea
Won’t grab my head screaming like a banshee
Gonna be free
Gonnna be strong and disagree with the debris
Gonna kick your ass out to sea
So listen close to my decree
Paranoia……you’re dead to me

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