She Called

she called

She called you
Wanted you to romance her
Thought that would enhance her
Never got an answer
Now she’s blue
I saw her
You suck
You’re a shmuck
Wish it was me
If she called me I would adore her
I wish I could call her
Tell what I saw you do
If she only knew
How often you’re untrue
Something I would never do
Maybe then she’d adore me too
But she waits
Waits for you to notice
The blossoming of her lotus
She’s ready for submission
A little recognition
Is all she’s hoping for
Me too
You give her body lots of attention
Her thoughts you never even mention
Yet she called you
And you didn’t answer
I’d answer if she called me
Treat her so respectfully
Treat her with some dignity
But she wants you
No matter what you do
She deserves so much better
If she asked me I would let her
Just be herself
Not a trophy on my shelf
I adore her for who she is
Not because she’s a prize
Or her beautiful eyes
But the thoughts she thinks, the sound of her voice
Whatever she wants to do I’d let that be her choice
And I’d be true
That’s what I would do
If she called me
I would show her love
Maybe if she knew
Or if she felt it too
We could become the two
No more I’d be alone
So I wait here with my phone
And dream of her ringtone
OMG that’s her
That’s her number
What a stunner
She’s calling me
What should I do
Answer her fool
Maybe now’s your chance
She’s ready for romance
She’ll leave that cheating jerk
We could make love work
Answer her now
Quick don’t wait
Oh my god
Don’t wait don’t wait
…………..Too late
Maybe she’ll leave a message
She’ll ask me if I’ll choose her
Fuck it she probably won’t, I’m a loser
Next time

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