Words Of War


Words dissolve into rage
Bathed in ironic anger
When irony fills with blood

Beliefs emerge from faith
Faith flows into egos
When egos are expressed in words

Power is in the money
Money translates to power
When greed overtakes the power

Earth is for territory for all to live on
Territory gets claimed as possessions
When possessions are build into borders

Survival lasts for only the fittest
Fittest translates to physical dominance
When oppression goes to the highest bidder

When Money Religion Oppression Power Ego Greed Possessiveness Strength Anger all over-flex their muscles in words

When the earth belongs to no one and everyone
When humane doctrines can be followed without prejudice
When Words can be filled with reason and not blindness
When misguided ignorance can be taught to understand
When we can use words to help one another

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