Turn On The Light


Maybe it the way it should be or maybe something’s just not right
But you need to feel around the darkness before basking in the light

We crawl before we walk, walk before we run
Run before falling when we fall we come undone
When it all comes undone it really sucks to be me
Being me sucks so much cause I can never be free

Its just not fair
Why should it be
Before frolicking in your love
I need to drink your misery
If love always has to hurt
Then what exactly is the reason
Broken hearts and charred remains
Lovers guilty of passion treason
Why not just have love always work out right
Must I burn you in the daytime
So you will sleep with me at night

If we want to seek out heaven
Why must we travel all through hell
When will we stop spinning
On this bullshit carousel
It never rains when we are thirsty
Wind only blows when we are cold
Adults wish that they were younger
Toddlers can’t wait till they grow old


It’s a mixed up world of kalediscope hopes
Been boxing with Jesus his ass is on the ropes
One hard punch will make him kneal upon my feet
Singing me a hymn while he praises his defeat

My eyes stay open wide yet I never see the sights
Paid my dues inside of shadows now I’m turning on the light

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