Today is the day
Felt oddly alive
The moment it arrived
Its not here to stay
And it feels so contrived
Am I really gonna die?
I could wait until the morrow
Postpone the sorrow
Live on time borrowed
But its today
The day that makes all the difference
Going the distance
This day here
And now
It could be gone in an instant
With a grimace
Good riddance
Quit grinning
It’s the ninth inning
And today’s the day
To make scarlet ribbons
No more misgivin’s
The edge of the blade
Options weighed
Charades played
Then I fade
Into the darkness
No light
No sight
Am I taking flight
Quite right
It’s ending
No mending
Or comprehending
Why must I die?
Die from this strife
At the point of a knife
What’s the point of life
Struggling away
Day after day
Shit piling so high
A fecal buffet
A scentless bouquet
Stinking of decay
Waltzing to death
In a blood ballet
Danced to the tune
Of everyday ruin
From my womb to my tomb
The perfume of doom
Is rising today
No more delay
Today is the day
Alone in the dark
Making my mark
Lines on my wrist
I won’t be missed
I won’t exist
Can you hear when I say
My life’s an ashtray
So today is the day
The day on the run
My final one
My day

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