While the sun descended stealthily under the covers
The sky revealed markings of both black and blue
Bruises left from one more long phase slipping by
In uncertainty of which cosmic secrets hold true

Abruptly darkness straddled obscure o’er the horizon
Still fully illuminated we witness the planets and stars
Diamonds spin as they wink over ink stained blackness
The embarrassed sun bows before covering its scars

With platitude silence joins the dark evening scape
Benign stillness bordering on the blithely absurd
Screams of the daylight fade off into the shadows
Their intentions fated to go on forever unheard

Then yellow and orange tines pierce through the dark
Spiraling brightly upwards and outwards in flight
Sunlight stretches and yawns shaking off its short slumber
Bends down to kiss the lunar landscape good night

Brightening the horizons to begin the fierce day anew
The chaotic and frantic can now see just where they run
Pinching and bouncing with aid of another days torch
Until once again moons romantic mystery replaces the sun

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