Love Memorandum

love memo

We were taught to create
A wonderful trait
Creating is great
Working together we build
Curiosity filled
And thrilled
Constructing with good reason
A perfect artesian

We were taught to destroy
Shooting a toy
A horrible ploy
What we don’t like we harm
Break a leg or an arm
Sound the alarm
Teach our children to kill
One less plateful to fill
What a thrill

Create or destroy – your choice
No fists to repent or rejoice
Just use your voice
Scream for peace from a mountain
Spout your love like a fountain
We’re all countin’
We need all to be strong
To know right from wrong
And get along
We need to stand tall in tandem
Hatred just seems so random
Here’s my love memorandum:

Stop all the hate
Before its too late
Open loves gate
Together we’re great
Share us a soul
Make it a goal
to keep your love whole
Smile and cajole
Take off the blinder
As a favor its minor
Be gentler and kinder
This is a love reminder
its not just random
It’s a love memorandum
Love, the more you give it away the more of it you have. Peace

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