Dream In Flight


Cute little puppies we rocked the world
Initials etched into tree bark forever
Eternity we sought in a quest of true love
Sweet young romantics we dreamt oh so clever

I promised one day a world written in gold
My thoughts floating in love on bound papers
But she wanted everyone to know her by name
Misplaced our dreams in a haze of false vapors

She searched for a place to build her own statue
A cherished monument on the hills of the stars
Spreading her wings reaching out to the coastline
I stayed right here reaching across hometown bars

She bartered her dream under sheets of white satin
Empty promises traded into evenings untrue
Fell victim to parasitic gold digging gourmands
Dined on of her spirit before turning the screw

Stoned on the journey all alone in the crowd
Salted droplets of blood running into her veins
Nursing her hopes with the scars of the dreams
Innocence and love had been circling the drains

And I was unable to nurture my dream as well
Story never written and name yet unpenned
Advised by the man with a rag and a shot glass
Shifting through ice cubes in search of a friend

Exchanging my keyboard for some bottles of faith
To erase the initials etched deep on my soul
Tree bark and memories are all I have left
Forgetting my past has been taking a toll

Two lovers in evening flying unbound in sight
Two dreamers not knowing nor touching their fate
The hopes of the lovers passed by without witness
Separate misfortunes that fate to never equate

No dream can soar without wings of aspiration
You can have whatever you want so they say
Beware when your dream takes off in the night
It doesn’t grab your soul as its flying away

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