Galactic Drainpipe


Not even light can elude its powerful clutches
As if the universe inhaled one cavernous breath
Are they potential portals into ethereal worlds
Or quantum vortexes of planetary death

Behold the mighty its strength unchallenged
Come near and get sucked deep into the void
Orbit too close and feel the might of its grasp
Once super massive gravitation is deployed

Primordial Implosion straight outta the big bang
At the galaxy center its the event of the horizon
Cosmic space-time in one weightless singularity
The power of the black hole is constantly rising

Peering out the window at the edge of all time
With whole new worlds stretching out from within
Stare into the abyss who knows what you may see
A multi-dimensional kaleidoscopic tailspin

Is it the gravity center of every galactic life-form
Perhaps a wormhole leading us to multiversity
Or a mysterious anomaly with no hidden agendas
Debate best left up to the scientific university

Swaddled in a mysterious cloth of the unknown
Subjected to theories of both fiction and fact
Brilliant minds have devoted to unravel the riddle
Not sure how or why galactic drainpipes react

A dark swirling cauldron of cosmic Jambalaya
Time light and mass funnel down in stellar rain
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
So what’s coming out the other end of the drain

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