Increase The Peace


Can’t bomb for it or buy it if you want peace just try it
Don’t kill and deny it or don’t just drive by it
Declare peace and cry it

No shout it don’t doubt it declare peace and tout it
Plant peace and we’ll sprout it from mountains we’ll shout it
Peace how about it?

The liars deny it deniers won’t buy it if you love war decry it
War is a riot so come on supply it don’t sit and be quiet
If you want death apply it

But if you want peace just crave it or war will enslave it
No matter who gave it its our planet lets save it
Road to peace lets all pave it

Can’t trap or ensnare it if you want peace declare it
All this killing I can’t bear it now come on declare it
Its our peace lets wear it

Wear you peace proud shout it out loud no haters allowed
Just a peace loving crowd showing we vowed
Peace as our shroud

Make hatred decrease and the killing all cease
Break hatreds lease let tensions release
Just increase the peace

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