Mood Seller


Shaking the vial to the beat of your mood
Selling you happy the peddler so shrewd
Maybe you just need some laughter to start
Keep you amused while your world falls apart

Bet your disposition you’ll no longer ache
Things for you to use- pills you can take
For total bliss all you need do is proceed
The mood seller knows your every need

Man on the street has something to peddle
Put your life on the fast track pedal to metal
He’ll sell you a promise of part time release
Won’t charge you your soul just merely a piece

Mood seller help me please sell me a good mood
My life really sucks and everyone treats me rude
Don’t know how much more of this crap I can take
I’m completely unstable I tremble and shake

What mood do you need to make your life sweet
I’ve got moods that’ll knock you right off of your feet
Red capsules for happy the blue’s make you brave
I’ve got one thing or another for all that you crave

Let you run all day and not break a sweat
I even have powders to make you forget
If you have the money I have what you need
Open your mind and wallet and you will succeed

Mood seller help me please sell me a mood
My lovers unfaithful my boss is so crude
I get flustered and nervous around every crowd
I can’t sleep at night voices shout much to loud

I’m edgy and nervous get angered so easy
Can’t stand all these people calling me sleazy
I’m confused discontented not at all happy
I drink all the time yet I’m still feeling crappy

I’m frightened of clowns, spiders and snakes
I not really sure if I have what it takes
I need to get my life back into control
All of this bullshit is taking its toll

Relax my friend and come into my palace
Here you never get treated with malice
Let me make you a cocktail of magical pills
Remove all your anxiety cure all of your ills

Or how bout a tab from the mystical wizard
The wing of a bat plus the sweat of a lizard
Distortions and insights will give you elation
An additional bonus of hallucination

Or maybe this powder is more up your alley
Removes all the world in one rushing finale
I’ll even throw in a few grains of some speed
Total annihilation may be just what you need

Mood seller mood seller sell me relief
Beacon of hope please remove all my grief
Make me forget why I want life to end
I’ve plenty of money I’m willing to spend

Step right in and we’ll bond in collusion
Life isn’t real friend its merely an illusion
Something chronic to ease all the tension
We’ll just chalk it up as suicidal prevention

The mood seller cares not just who you are
Plenty of more buyers to swing on a star
The seller of moods only wants you alive
So his unethical businesss will continue to thrive

He’ll offer you solace a phony belief
don’t let him ruse you or sell you relief
He’ll pull down his gimmicks off of a shelf
You’ll end up a mere shattered shell of yourself

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