Bang Bang He Shot Me Down


Same old same
Waitin’ on the train
Its where I hear all the latest news
Neighbor comes to sit
So we can shoot the shit
Maybe even exchange political views
He said
Hey did you hear about the plight
In Arizona late last night?
Another lunatic carrying a gun
Got off about 20 round
People were fallin’ to the ground
He murdered everyone that wouldn’t run
I cried
My god not again
What will it take and when
For our lawmakers to do more than just discuss
They should help us feel secure
All they ever do is ignore
Seems like bullets have more rights than us
He said
Well there ain’t much we can do about, guess We’ll just have to cry move on
Talk about mental health and new laws, pretend that the problem is gone

Lets all scream and yell for a week
Hope that makes the problem go away
Blame mental health but not a gun
Protect the sales for the NRA

Blood and bullets litter our streets
hope dies once a politician arrives
Is it really too much for us to believe
That the killings won’t split up our lives

What’s happened to out priorities
When we emphasize our rights
We care less about the one we should
Like our woman or equal marriage fights

The new oath
We promise to protect and serve the NRA
Because we are living in the USA
Where every citizen should have the right
To arm themselves for the ultimate fight
Not just a handgun or hunting machine
But an arsenal to make us lean and mean
We want a cache of automatic killing tools
So we can murder multiple fools
Assault weapons with a hundred round
So we can legally stand our ground

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people
Quite often with guns
And grenades don’t kill people, people kill people
So lets legalize grenades
So we can kill people
Because corporations are people
And we won’t be safe until we kill corporations
Like the NRA

2 thoughts on “Bang Bang He Shot Me Down

  1. The Bakers Brother

    We stand together on this issue. I don’t recall reading about anyone who has lost a friend or loved one from gun violence that ruminates about their rights to own GUNS! Assault rifle owners & pit bulls = insecure, pathetic, sad individuals. I feel sorry for them and I fear them.

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