Complex Relation


You loved me at my worst
Yet always gave your best
And never let it phase you

Mothers are revered today
But you’re not here to share it
So in my heart I praise you

I know I wasn’t easy
I tossed you into turmoil
I wish I had been better

I know you wept in silence
Praying for me to get it
So I’m sending you a letter

I’ve always loved you deeply
And now I’m here to tell
How sorry I have always been
For putting you through hell

I’m sorry Mom
I didn’t think
I tracked in mud
I clogged the sink
You washed my mouth
Because I cursed
Soap tastes awful
But guilt tastes worse
Kids starve in china
Still no clean plate
Stayed out all night
Made you wait
You lost sleep
It made you grey
I wore you down
Would not obey
I rolled my eyes
I made a face
It never froze
It stayed in place
When you got angry
I had to scatter
Of have my head
On a sliver platter
You weren’t asking
You were telling
I knew this because
Of all the yelling
Had to listen
You had such clout
Or I’d get something
To cry about
Just so you know
I closed the fridge
And never jumped off
The Brooklyn bridge
If you were here today
You would hear me say
I think about you mom
Each and every day

Love you Mom

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