Voice Of No Reason


Golden is the silent mind
Sound judgment at the core
But silent voices deep inside
Can make ones temper soar

Quiet time is happy time
Serenity has its perks
But in calm and quiet corner
The voice it always lurks

Do you hear the silent voice
The voice from deep inside
If you hear the silent voice
Its best you run and hide

Cuz when you hear the silent voice
It tells you who you are
If the silent voice screams loud
Your brain will burn and char

You don’t want to hear that noise
Or be who it says you are
Cuts deep inside your thinking dome
And leaves a nasty scar

Silent shrieks prohibit you
To know left from the right
Wrong is right and right is wrong
Inside a constant fight

Towering whispers cloaked in reason
A message may change your life
If you obey the stealth command
You’ll find blood upon the knife

When that sound gets hold of you
It bends and shapes your mind
Forcing you in all directions
Commands you from behind

Thoughts they echo in your head
The voice is in control
Smiling at you ear to ear
As you fall through the hole

Break the rules the judges set
Fill your heart with treason
Kneel and pray to what you hear
The voice that’s lacking reason

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