Love, Actually?


Two years old she came to me said Daddy what is love
I told her

Butterfly kisses and a unicorn dream
Candy of cotton delicious ice cream
Stare at a rainbow visit the zoo
Love is us baby Daddy and you
Not the advice one gets from a sage
But what could I tell her at that tender age
Not that the question wasn’t profound
But those were the answers I felt were most sound

Tens years old she came to me said Father what is love
I told her

Love is my princess with her magic wand
You and me feeding the ducks at the pond
Rolling your eyes as we walk through the town
But hugging your Daddy when no ones around
Perhaps catching frogs with the boy down the street
Then punching his arm and kicking his feet
You feel kind of awkward and give him a shove
These funny little things that we call puppy love

Seventeen years old she came to me said Dad, what’s love feel like
I told her

When you’re this young its just called a crush
True love will come so you’ve no need to rush
When true love finds you you’ll know right away
You think only of the one you love every day
True love will be there a to give you a chance
But tonight’s for fun so just go out an dance
You look so grown up all dressed for the prom
My beautiful girl you look just like your Mom

At twenty one years old my baby girl came to me, Dad, tell me now I need to know
I told her

When somebody loves you with all of their heart
You know that there’s nothing could keep you apart
With equal commitment your love gets returned
Love will come find you child don’t be concerned
You’re always gonna be Daddy’s little baby girl
Even when some body comes rocking your world
One day there will be another who fills up your heart
But if he ever harms you I’ll tear him apart

Twenty five years old she came to me said Daddy I think I’m in love
She told me

I know that he loves me with total devotion
We both share a love of the strongest emotion
I want to be with him the rest of my life
He asked me today if I’d be his wife
There’s one man I’ve loved since the day I was born
Its you daddy dear so please don’t be forlorn
I know in my heart that you’ll always be near
Come give me a hug and I’ll wipe off your tear

I told her
My child I’m not crying that’s water you see
Well maybe a tear for how happy you’ll be
I have worried about you every day I’m alive
I knew deep inside that this day would arrive
Does he promise to treat you with love and respect
Give you all of his love which he’ll never neglect
He better stay true if he knows what is best
Or having him castrated will become my quest

Her new love came to me to ask for permission to wed my baby girl
I told him

You told her you’re ready to share her your life
You asked her to marry and become your wife
But my Childs not a possession for sale or for parry
Its her you must seek your permission to marry
And you better give her the utmost respect
So here’s what I want for you most to reflect
If you give her so much as a slap in the head
I’ll cut off your balls and fill you with lead

Congratulations and welcome to the family

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