I Want You

i want you

You shredded my heart put me on the back shelf
All that’s left for me to say is go fuck yourself

Baby I want you
With all my heart I do want you so
But I don’t want you to want me back
Cuz babe I want you to go

You tore out my heart just to kick it around
Now you say you want our two lives to split
You once gave me dreams and hopes of a life
But you have nothing to give but your shit

You said you’d always love me and I loved you too
Together with our hearts out on our sleeve
But you tell me you want someone else
I really do want something of you baby I want you leave

You hit an all time low no place left to go
So I want you to know that I want you to go
I won’t take you back for love that you lack
I want you so bad so please don’t come back

Leave me one last kiss to show you have class
So kiss of you cheat with a kiss of my ass

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