What Is Love


Why is love so hard to understand
Is love the air
The air we breathe while hand in hand
As we walk
Creating footprint sets in the sand
Is love the fruit of dreams two planned
What is love
That strange uneasy pleasant feeling
Is that love
A magic spell that sets hearts reeling
Laughing and dancing on the ceiling
Is that love

What is love
Two people dreaming over the ocean
Love is pure
Two lovers bursting with deep devotion
A pair of hearts etched in one emotion
Is love feeling
The feeling that no one else exists
Another’s soul you just can’t resist
Finding love
When life is hard can love be found
Give love
Fill your heart with chains unbound
Is love what make the world go round
What is love
Love is what makes our lives worth while
Making love
An act that creates everlasting smile
To take that short walk down the aisle
That’s love

Two together for ever and ever
Hand in hand wherever whenever
Eternally bound never to sever
Love is the glue that binds together

Love is love
Doesn’t matter who you give love to
What matters is if they’re right for you
Because the more of love you give away
the more of love you get back each day

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