Subversive Suburbia


Suburban Subversive

They cut the rug on an asphalt dance floor
Two flames alight in a municipal nation
Dodging trolleys ducking crowed halls
Prompting massive suburban migration

Too many travelers in subterranean bus stops
They hitched their hopes to an old coal steam
Sprouting out into a pasture of grassy promise
In search of their piece of the American dream

White picket fence of successful employment
Prosperity rains down with every promotion
Raising some kids climbing trees not a lamp post
Accomplishing wealth’s an achievable notion

Like urban sardines packed too tight
People escaping the urban plight
But danger exists under the covers
In this story of two fleeing lovers

Papa was a natural born traveling salesman
Momma went and joined the community drones
I was born from the small town boredom
Merely a result of their late night moans

Mom stayed alone near about every evening
Purling and knitting sweaters for her sanity
Old man went out to make last call in taverns
Drinking vodka and tonic to pedal his vanity

Routine ruts breed corrosion
Rusting matrimony implosion
Stretching pledged an dutiful bonds
In betrayal is how Suburbia responds

No tell motel underground
On the cheating side of town
In a hospital mom in labor
Darkened room Dad and neighbor

Now with a child Mom switches in focus
Dad bragging the status of a job he landed
But one overtime visit Mom ha a surprise
Caught Dad and his secretary hand in red handed

Typical story of typical suburban hometowns
Structuring successes for the corporate winners
But the motels are filled with disloyal couples
Sunday churches filled to the rafter of suburban sinner

Homes and their families are failing or broken
Passionate moans now transform into tears
Dad took the rent out to buy a pack of smokes
Leaving stains on our lives the rest of our years

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